Women body comes first in fitness and not the last in betting

Launched in 2010, the Fitness Bikini category continues to gain popularity. But along with growth of popularity, so does competition. Every girl wants to show the results of their hard everyday work and for this they take part in the tournament. It is important to understand that muscle mass does not play such a significant role here as in other sports such as bodybuilding.
Girls in different nominations must demonstrate their bodies on stage dressed in a swimsuit and high heels. Her attractiveness and charisma should be remembered by the audience and the jury. Contestants are evaluated comprehensively. The assessment includes points for their makeup, hairstyle, beauty of their face, balance of muscle mass, smoothness of the skin, their figure, as well as the ability to present themselves and be confident.

How are fitness competitions held?

The first thing you should know is that these competitions have nothing in common with sport tournaments. Women do not do any exercises or lift barbells. In fact it is more like a beauty contest. There are three categories in which girls are divided by height:

  • Up to 163
  • Up to 168
  • Above 168

The fitness competition is held in one stage, which has two parts: presentation and comparison. In the first part of the competition, the contestants must walk on the runway and demonstrate their model walk. Model walk consists of standard motions: going from the curtains to the center of the stage, stopping to pose in front of the judges (any position), 180 degree rotation to show back muscles, then turn again and go into the background of the stage. Each participant has 10 seconds.

In the second part of the stage, the sports women are combined into groups and take poses to demonstrate the front of the body and then their backs. Thus, the jury has the opportunity to evaluate all sides of contestants. Sometimes it is pretty obvious who will win, so it can be easier for you to bet.

Want to try to become a champion in this sport?

What proportions are required to become a fitness bikini athlete?

  • The most important thing is the original proportion. Unfortunately, the shape of the skeleton cannot be changed.
  • The secret of a successful performance is correctly developed muscles. Muscles must harmonise with figure proportions.
  • Low percentage of fat in body. This is approximately 8% – 10% of total body fat.

Why should you bet on a fitness bikini?

Interest in women’s bodybuilding has been steadily declining, as has sponsorship investment. But bikini fitness competitions are becoming more and more popular. Even bookmakers started offering bets on these contests. So now is the time to bet on bikini fitness and make money on your winning bets.