What was the reason behind another bodybuilding tournament and how did this influence betting?

What should a bodybuilder who has achieved very impressive results in his sport do? Where can he go if he has already won all the highest awards? Can you leave the sport? Or maybe try to engage in coaching and educate the future “Mister World”? Many athletes who were referred to as “Mr. America” ​​or “Mr. Universe” asked themselves such questions. They had no choice but to stop their training, because the source of motivation for them disappeared – to win the tournament, proving to everyone once again that you are the best bodybuilder in the world. After all, there was a strict framework of rules established by the federations IFBB, AAU and NABBA, that an athlete is prohibited from taking part in a tournament in which he once won. For the champion, it was a real disaster, in contrast to the newbie, who, following the dream of becoming the best, worked hard.

But in 1965, everything changed radically – it was decided to make such a competition in which only the best bodybuilders could take part. The door to the athlete who did not have the main title of the competition “Mr. World”, “Mr. America” ​​and “Mr. Universe” was tightly closed. At first, it was decided to call the winner of the new bodybuilding tournament “Mister Olympic” (this decision was based on the results of the survey), but in June 1965 the final name was approved – “Mr. Olympia”. This new competition made bodybuilding betting more popular. It also frustrated fans who could no longer bet on their favorites.

The most famous “Mr.Olympia”

The first competition for the title “Mister Olympia” took place on September 18, 1965. An unconditional victory was won by the American Larry Scott. The next year, he also had no equal, and he was able to stay at the top, confirming his champion status.
1970 turned out to be a high point for the new “Mister Olympia” Arnold Schwarzenegger. He bypassed all rivals, taking the main prize. After his victory, Arnold made a rather loud statement: he will be the champion until he stops participating in the tournament, and no one can beat him! Maybe someone laughed at this, but “Mister Olympia” kept his word and until 1975, inclusive, no one could get around it. He was number one among those who bet for five years. After which Schwarzenegger announced his resignation.

Is it popular among those who bet?

Oddly enough, such contests are simply incredibly popular with the entire public as those who are interested in this sport and those who practice it. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a bookmaker to place a bet. In addition, former participants in this competition and professional bodybuilders often make their own analyzes and predictions about who can win. So you can listen to the opinion of several experts and make better bets based on their analysis.