Bet you didn’t know that fitness was invented for the military?

The modern development of fitness dates back to the mid-20th century in the United States. According to one of the versions, in order to maintain good physical shape in the US Army and the Navy, they began to implement fitness programs, according to which the soldiers did push-ups, pull themselves up, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. The history of fitness along with bodybuilding gaining momentum at that time (building muscle, muscle mass, giving a figure of relief), has appeared as an alternative to it.

There is also an opinion that the sharp development of fitness is associated with the emerging problem of obesity in the American nation. By the mid-1980s, it had become a mainstream sports movement. In 1984, the International Fitness Federation appeared, then for the first time international competitions were held in a new, but already very popular, sport. Today, about a hundred states are members of the Federation.

Types of fitness and their purpose

Over time, people realized that the quality and standard of living largely depends on the physical fitness and physical development of a person. Today millions of people on the planet are engaged in it, new programs and directions are constantly appearing. Programs are developed taking into account age, health status, structural features of the figure.


  • yoga – improves flexibility, posture, metabolism; develops endurance, strength;
  • shaping – helps to improve the figure;
  • bodyflex – improves overall well-being, strengthens muscles, promotes weight loss;
  • Pilates – strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, pelvis;
  • aerobics, strip plastic (a type of aerobics), stretching – improve flexibility, elasticity;
  • Water aerobics is a type of fitness where physical exercises are performed in water to the sound of music.

But these are not all types of fitness that exist today. There are many different types of workouts that are carried out with or without simulators or equipment. Every year the variety of fitness is only increasing So that everyone can find something to their liking.

So, what are the most famous fitness competitions in the world?

Oddly enough, the most famous competition in the world is the bodybuilding competition. This sport has an incredible number of followers all over the world, but not many of them are professional athletes. Bodybuilding is categorized as amateur and professional. Competitions are held separately for men and women, as well as in mixed (and team) category.
According to unofficial data, today there are about 300 professional bodybuilders in the world (to get a professional card, you need to win a competition of international importance). Each professional is assigned to a federation, which pays him money for the fact that he trains and competes.

Only professional IFBB members can participate in the Mr. Olympia competition. In addition, members of this organization are not allowed to take part in competitions organized by other associations.

The International Bodybuilding Federation holds competitions among professionals in various categories:

  1. Mr. Olympia (male bodybuilding),
  2. Miss Olympia (women’s bodybuilding),
  3. Fitness Olympia (for women)
  4. Body Fitness Olympia (for women)

In addition to Olympia, the Arnold Classic (men), Miss International (women’s bodybuilding), Miss Fitness International and Figure International competitions, annually held by Schwarzenegger – and featuring a substantial amount of prize money – are especially popular, as well as tournaments “Night of Champions” and “Mr. Olympia for Veterans”, in which athletes over 40 participate.

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It is characteristic that the very division into professionals and amateurs sometimes turns out to be rather arbitrary. For example, IFBB organizes competitions among amateurs, including European and World Championships (bodybuilding is also part of the World Games program), and held by the amateur, by definition, the NABBA association, the competition “Mr. Universe” has not only an amateur, but also a professional category of awards.

Are there bodybuilding bets?

Basically, players place bets on sports that they know. This is the key to future success. And some fans of power sports (after all, there are gamblers among them) wonder whether it is possible to place bets, for example, on bodybuilding. If you have been involved in weightlifting or bodybuilding at one time, you will probably want to remember the past and apply professional knowledge in a new plane.
Bodybuilding is a popular sport. However, not all bookmakers accept bets on it, This is due to the lack of demand and the ability to paint a line at least if you are interested only in bodybuilding bets, then you can view foreign bookmakers. The largest of them very rarely, but they still accept bets, including on bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding is one of the rare sports that a small number of people are fond of. This sport has not become widespread in bookmaker bets, both due to the low demand for this kind of sport, and due to the difficulties in forming a full-fledged line.

How to find a bookmaker?

To determine the bookmakers where you can look for bodybuilding bets, you should use the Internet, where there are a lot of all kinds of ratings. The leaders of such lists offer the most extensive game options, so their lines should be periodically checked for bets on such a rare sport.
The world’s leading bookmakers, though not always, offer the opportunity to make a prediction for the outcome of major international bodybuilding competitions. Betting on bodybuilding is not practiced among bookmakers in Europe, so fans of this sport, including those who are professionally involved in it, should pay attention to British offices that hold leading positions in the world betting market.