What is body fitness and how to bet on it?

Body fitness is a women’s category in bodybuilding tournaments, introduced to simplify the category, in which the free program is a mandatory performance criterion. But not every girl who was a professional in some kind of sport in the past, and not even every woman who did dancing. Therefore there were not enough participants with good programs. The easing of requirements has attracted even more athletes of all ages to the new category, who only got in shape thanks to the gym.This made betting even more popular. Let’s find out what the preparation for the competition consists of and what are the requirements for the participants.

What does it take to become a body fitness athlete?

Gaining muscle mass, in which strength training is performed to acquire a V-shaped figure. Too large volumes in this type of fitness are not welcomed, points are even deducted for this or the athlete is not allowed to compete. Mainly in this sport, the top should be developed, the development of the hips does not play such an important role, otherwise it will not be possible to get the necessary proportions. This stage can last for several years until the athlete’s coach sees the desired result.
At the moment when the athlete has reached the required proportions and acquired the required volumes, the drying stage begins, which lasts 2 or even 3 months before going on stage. During this period, the girl adheres to a carbohydrate-free diet and exercises to gain muscle relief. It helps to reduce the amount of fat in the figure and also removes excess fluid from the figure and shows the quality of the athlete’s muscles and how her shape actually looks.

What is the difference between body and bikini fitness

The differences between body and bikini fitness are actually simple and obvious. If the first category provides for the presence of a figure that resembles a man’s in proportions, that is when the shoulders are wider than the pelvis, then in the bikini category a girl must have an hourglass type figure.
There are differences in muscle mass – in a bikini, more important is how a woman looks in general, they are only by the development and the relief of her muscles. Body fitness offers more natural proportions for women than those found in a bikini one.

Why can it be hard to bet on body fitness?

As we have already said, this type of fitness is losing its popularity and at the same time the opportunity to place bets on it is narrowing. But no need to get upset if you like to bet on these kinds of sports, we advise you to pay attention to the bikini category. The sport is on the rise now, so it’s pretty easy to place a winning bet on it.