What Your Effort Says About You

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Effort:  a vigorous or determined attempt.

Effort is one of those intangibles that is recognized almost immediately when you observe someone giving their best effort.

You can’t help but immediately feel a respect for that effort.  Effort is hard to hide and even harder to fake.

What’s even greater about it?  It costs nothing and literally anyone can give it.

So what does your effort say about you?

You care.  When you give your best effort, it shows you care about what you’re doing.  When you don’t, it shows you don’t care, whatever you’re doing isn’t worth your effort.  A lot of times we say “showing up is the hardest part”.  And that’s true, but it’s not the only part.  It’s the expensive part.  Time is in short supply, so where you choose to spend it should be worth your effort.  Effort costs nothing.  So, I can never really get my head around people who spend time, which is expensive and in short supply, on things they don’t see worth their effort, which is cheap and always available.

So if it’s worth your time, it sure is as shit is worth your effort.

You value yourself.  A lot of times I have people say “well, I’m not competitive”.  You don’t have to be competitive to give effort.  Competitiveness is a contrived motivator for those that aren’t intrinsically motivated.  If you must be competitive to try, if the only way you can try is competitiveness, you just don’t value your time, your effort, and yourself.*

*Side note, competitiveness is great for pulling out that little extra, that push to give just a little more.  It’s not inherently bad, but if that’s your only motivator, your ceiling is only as high as those you compete with.

You want what you’re doing to work.  Whether it be your exercise program, your job, your relationships, or anything else you’re committing time to.  If you don’t put forth your full effort, it says you don’t really care about it’s (which ultimately should be your) success.  We’ve all had a job where it’s just not “doing it for us” anymore for whatever reason, and we just start sort of mailing it in.  Maybe doing just enough to not get fired, or not not even caring if you get fired.  You may fool the right people, but the people that know you, and work with you, know you’re not putting forth the effort.

I’m not proud to admit I’ve done that, and it feels terrible.  You feel like a fraud, it’s stressful, and ultimately, it’s embarrassing.  It reflects poorly on you.  You’ve made arguments in your head to justify it.  “My boss is an asshole so I don’t care”.  “I’m not lazy, it’s just boring”.  And of course “I’m just not competitive, I’m happy with where I am”.  Bullshit.  Human evolution

based on striving for better.  If you’re married you know relationships take effort.  Because you’re competitive?  No, because you care, you value yourself and your spouse, and you want it to work.  You want to build a strong and successful relationship, and you know mailing it in won’t get you that.  

Effort is the single biggest component of success in all areas.  Business, personal, spiritual, not just fitness.

“In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make” – Paul McCartney…

Alright, John, you lost me there.  All I’m saying is your effort, in anything, will yield equal results.  Good Effort = Good Results, Half assed effort = half assed results, or more likely no results.

Whatever is worth your time, put in your full effort, or find something that is worth your time and put your full effort in it.17492437_999759473488924_3870584743665678536_o

No one gives a shit if you Rx’d the WOD, but they do care if you Rx the effort.  You should always Rx effort…



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