What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

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No matter how good or bad things are, we all look to the future and envision a better time then now.We all see those days a year, two years, five years from now, and things are always better, never worse.

As far back as I could remember the future was always going to be awesome.  As a kid I would imagine what I’d be like at 16, shaving, probably have a sweet car, or maybe motorcycle!  I’d play hockey, go to parties.  It was going to be great.

At 16 I imagined how awesome it’d be in college.  Finally shaving, no parents, stay up as late as I want, hang out with who I wanted, go to parties!  It was going to be great.

When I was in college I’d see my future. Awesome job probably doing something meaningful, no more homework, tons of money, maybe a house, or a motorcycle!  It was going to be great.

This pattern has continued, not everything worked out the way I envisioned it, some of that intentional, some of it not.

What I didn’t know in the earlier days of this future dreaming was that what I did TODAY was what either made or unmade that future vision.

Call it goal setting or a vision, the point is, we always envision a brighter future, but a brighter future is built on what we do today.

Time goes by really fast, and it’s easy to worry more about today then that bright future, but that future is wholly built on todays.  That future will very quickly be today.  How your time is spent today determines how your time will be spent tomorrow.

Enjoy today, but remember tomorrow.  Do something everyday that moves you in the direction of that tomorrow.  That tomorrow doesn’t just appear.  It’s constructed, hour after hour, day after day, layer upon layer.  Slowly built by little things done each day until that tomorrow becomes today.

Whether you plan or not, tomorrow will come, if you’re lucky it’ll be brighter.  If you prefer to not rely on luck, take control and do something everyday to make that future brighter.

So what does tomorrow look like?  What can you do today, to make that tomorrow happen?

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