Thank You For Giving Me Hope

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Most of you know me well. I workout beside you every chance I can get. I am the annoying one trying to chase you during workouts. I want to share this story with you because it is important that you know it. It is important that you know you have helped me come back to life. You have lent a hand to me when I most needed it. I am your coach, but I am also your peer. Thank you isn’t enough but thank you.


I woke up on October 8, 2016, walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and for a second thought I was in a dream…. Is that me? How? No… it’s not me. How could this be me? I cried and thought, what have I done? A week later, a month later, 6 weeks later, same thing. I cried and was devastated with how I looked. The woman I knew to be me was gone.


October 8 was the first day that I was home from the hospital after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl. Babies are great. They are a blessing, a miracle, a joy, a treasure, all of it. But having a baby changes you. I know I know, most people are reading this thinking “well yeah, duh?”….. but I didn’t really understand what that meant until it happened and it was unlike any experience I have ever had.

My Sweet baby girl, Mary

My Sweet baby girl, Mary


I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I exercised until I was 30 weeks pregnant, ate what I wanted, when I wanted. First timer here, I figured I would snap right back. I figured you give birth, a week later you would be back without skipping a beat…. Well that isn’t reality for most gals, me included.

On my way to the hospital....

On my way to the hospital….

Full Transparency, I gained 55 lbs during my pregnancy but only abut 20lbs went away after delivery. Six weeks after giving birth I got the OK from my doctor to workout again. I tested my body fat percent….. 48%… Yes, I was almost half fat and emotionally broken.


I mostly started coming back to the gym because I had to get out of the house. I didn’t want to exercise because I felt humiliated at my weight gain. After all I am coach and understand that nutrition is the most important tool in your tool bag but I knew that I needed to show up.


Every time I showed up to the gym someone came up to me and said something kind. Every time someone gave me words of encouragement or shared their experience with me. It was profoundly painful most days (physically and emotionally), but I kept coming to the gym because I felt like there was a community of people that believed in me. Little by little, I felt like  little pieces of me were starting to come back.


My baby Mary is 4 months old today. I have a long way to go, but I am beginning to enjoy the process back to me. I sit here with a lot of emotional feelings knowing that this community has brought me back to life. I wanted to thank each of you, our My Town community, for all the support. All the meals, the kind words, the gifts, but mostly for breathing air into my sails again.



Molly Jasper



“Be Kind to everyone because everyone you meet is fighting a battle”-Ian Maclaren

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  • Beth says:

    I’m a newbie and every time I’ve seen you you have inspired me by your energy and kindness!

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