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One of the hardest things as a coach is to watch an inconsistent athlete get frustrated that their progress has slowed, or even regressed. A frustrated athlete will spiral down a path of even more inconsistency, and then more frustration. Ultimately this often leads them back to where they started, the couch that had once taken over their existence. Bad timing? Maybe…

Timing is everything in gymnastics, fitness, relationships, careers and life. Timing is one of those things that we can’t control with a flick of the wrist or push along with our mental capacity. I have watched thousands of people flail on a pull-up bar day after day until one day it clicks. Just like that their kipping pull-up is figured out. The other athletes around them think, “That lucky SOB. How did that happen so easily?” What the others didn’t see was all the time that athlete showed up to work on their strength, swing from the bar and practice. All the time they spent in the gym failing before that magical moment happened was the real magic.


My coaching experience has taught me something about people that have “good timing,” regardless of what they seek (fitness, a promotion or a spouse). They aren’t always better or smarter or stronger than the rest. People that have good timing show up. They are consistent with their attendance. They are present in whatever they are doing that day.

If you are one of those frustrated people, I encourage you to show up today. If fitness is what you seek, I’ll see you at the gym. Even if it is the last thing you want to do. Get there and be present.

You never know, it could be that magical day.

-Coach Molly

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