I Can Because Sometimes I Can’t

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Last year, at about this time, I wrote a blog post about my experience thus far in the Open (How The CrossFit Open Taught Me “I Can”).  I had seen a few small miracles happen for me, and I wanted to share what I had learned. Now, a year later, I figured it would be time to jot some thoughts down about my second Open.

So how’s it going? Well, I had some goals going into the Open again this year. One was to attempt every workout RX. Another was to get a Chest to Bar pull-up, since I figured we’d see that movement again. I also wanted to hit a 75# snatch. And you know what? I’ve already failed to do all three. And you know what else?

I’m enjoying the Open even more this year!

This year, I’m watch17038649_986171418181063_6078587075620134863_oing and helping other people hit their goals, when last year I was killin’ it by hitting my goals.

This year, I did 22 toes to bar, when last year I did 3.
This year, I was inches away from a chest to bar pull-up, when last year a pull-up was out of the question.
This year, I’m judging other people’s workouts, when last year I was too nervous to ‘no rep’ someone.

This year, I’m dancing, laughing, fighting, and cheering my way through the Open! (Okay, to be fair, I was
doing that last year, too!)

The Open hasn’t opened given me any new movements or provided any big movement gains, but it is
still a testament to the work I have put in all year. Plus, there are still two workouts left, and two more opportunities to do something I’ve never done before. Once again, and every week…

I’m waiting on baited breath for Thursday. Not because of what I can do, but because of what I might be able to do.

– Jenny Ness





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