The Blog Is Back

Posted J. Miller III Deep Thoughts

Hey Everyone!  In an effort to better help everyone become fitter, happier, more badass (as if that’s even possible), and more in the loop of the goings on here at My Town, we’ve updated the site, and blog page to bring you guys crap loads of awesome information, insights, and other shiz to keep you busy at home and work doing everything except the stuff you should be doing.  Expect the first actually interesting blog post tomorrow.

In the past we have just posted workouts, which we still intend to do in another form, hopefully via a live feed from BTWB, but being that we’re just dumb meat heads we’re a little behind on figuring that out.

Talk to you soon!

Husband, father, son, brother, coach, athlete, teacher, student. Trying to get better everyday.

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