17.5 – To Scale or Not to Scale…

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The excitement and energy at My Town Fitness was at its peak on Friday night. 17.5 brought us what many thought was the most predictable yet toughest workout of the 2017 Open. 10 rounds of 9 thrusters and 35 double unders sounded deceivingly simple, yet a couple rounds in we were all hunched over gasping for air. 


The question of the night was whether or not to scale. Between the double unders and the weight of the thrusters, many were unsure and the lengthy 40 minute time cap didn’t make the decision any easier. After all, who wants to whip themselves with a rope for 40 minutes? The good news? Many chose to go for it! And those that scaled still got in a great workout in front of their friends and family.

DJ Lizzy returned for an encore performance in her most patriotic gymnastics warmups and was once again a big hit!


So with the music pumping, heat after heat faced 17.5. Some finished close to 10 minutes. Other stretched out to the 40 minute cap. For certain, everyone gave it their all!

Rose Miller arrived that night leaning toward scaling. On a whim she decided to go for it, masters Rx. At the 40 minute cap, Rose was 15 double unders away from finishing the workout! That’s about 200 double unders more than Rose has EVER done in a workout!

Dan Wehrs also that arrived that night intending to scale. Dan decided to go for it and finished the workout under the time cap!


Jenny Ness was worried about the thrusters after she realized that the 90 thrusters was more than the amount that we saw in 16.5 last year. Those thrusters didn’t hold her back this time!


Michelle Munn was another that was concerned about weight of the thrusters. With lots of family and friends there to cheer her on, Michelle trudged her way through, showing the grit we’ve come to expect from her.


I can’t say enough about John O’Brien. The 2017 Open has been a showcase of his hard work and improvement, and 17.5 was no different. He and his wife Katie both worked their way through 17.5, John finishing under 20 minutes and Katie just over. What an impressive duo!


Joslyn Sween signed up for Friday Night Lights just as she was completing bootcamp. On Friday night, not only did she complete the workout, but she completed it as prescribed! What a rockstar!


The night ended with everyone crowded around eagerly pulling for Molly Hang. This girl has been doing CrossFit for 7 months and is an inspiration to us all. At the 40 minute time cap, Molly had just 23 double unders remaining to finish the workout. She pushed through all the pain and self-doubt to put on an amazing show.


The night finished with the raffle drawing that everyone was waiting for. With 4 $100 Rogue gift cards and so many other great prizes being given away, everyone was anxious to hear if they had won. The best part? Over the 5 weeks of FNL, the raffle sales raised $2500 for Pets Loyal to Vets, a local non-profit that pairs service animals with veterans that suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.


Sore muscles, bruises, memories and pictures are all that remain from the 2017 Open. With the 2018 Open just 11 months away, we’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready. My Towners, let’s get after it! I have no doubt we will have plenty of fun preparing.

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