The Real Problem With The Vegetarian Argument

Posted Katie Klug Nutrition

We see them everywhere, whether on Facebook, Google or the morning news. Articles, ads and “experts” arguing against eating meat and for the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Usually the argument revolves around the question, “Can you get enough protein from a plant based diet?”.

The real problem with this debate is this: it’s just more confusion and nonsense that deflect from the reality.  Most “experts” agree on 95% of what should be consumed nutritionally, and really only differ on minor details. This is another one of those situations where the powers that be will highlight their differences, instead of their similarities.

Nutrition isn’t that hard.  Eat plants and animals.  Or just plants.  Eat a lot of them.  Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Avoid processed foods and sugar.  It really is that simple.

The REAL problem isn’t to meat or not.  The real problem is that most people eat breakfast out of a box, lunch at the gas station, and dinner from the drive-thru. Throughout the day they fuel up with sugar packed sodas, energy drinks, and fancy coffees.

For most of us, who just want to live happy and healthy lives, it’s not about whether or not our diets should include meat.  It’s about all the other crap.  I’ve yet to meet a vegetarian that eats mostly plants.  Most of the time they eat soy packed tofu, crap filled supplements, sugary junk, and tons of processed grains.  Oh, and some vegetables if there’s time.

No, I don’t think a vegetarian diet is the best approach for athletic performance. But can you live a perfectly happy healthy life eating veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit and some rice and potatoes? Yes. Will it work well for maintaining good health and a healthy body weight? Totally.

It’s not even really an argument.  Eat real food.  Eat a lot of it.  Keep it simple.  If the box has to tell you how healthy it is, it’s probably not healthy….


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