As a youth I was heavily involved in athletics. It only took a back seat to my academics. From a very early age I was involved in a myriad of sports: Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Skiing, and amateur competitive bodybuilding in college. I usually did well in most sport and excelled in a few. I was elected captain of my high school football and wrestling team and won two state bodybuilding titles. I tell you this not to shine light on myself but rather to add context to this note.

After bodybuilding I was a typical gym rat through my 20’s. Very strict isolated movements. As I entered my 30’s I realized I needed to start jumpstarting my metabolism so I joined a local corporate athletic club and ran quite extensively with their “running club”.

In my mid-thirties I met the aforementioned #SmokinHotWife, got married, and had two boys right away. During this time my attention to my physical condition waned a bit. Having two young sons and being in a pivotal place in my career took priority. I still worked out (running short distances and getting in the weight room to do abbreviated versions of the workouts I did in my twenties). This was fairly uninspiring and lasted until late last year.

I had a milestone birthday in 2013.  It got me thinking that I have more years behind me than in front of me. My family is the most inspirational aspect of my life. The last thing I wanted was to shorten my time on this earth with them. I could very well pass early due to some ailment but the hell if I was going to pass early due to lack of discipline and being out of shape.

I had heard about Crossfit and performed some internet searches. There are so many “exercise programs” in the market (TV, Print, Internet) so I admit I was a bit skeptical. I found a number of Crossfit Boxes within reasonable distance and quite honestly chose MyTown due to the Groupon you offered.

I started Crossfit with a great amount of trepidation and anxiety. To be blunt I couldn’t do a pull-up nor a handstand pushup. Each workout ended with me lying prone on the mats sucking wind. There are plenty of exercises I am still not proficient at but I have made very good strides in certain areas. This is very physically and psychologically rewarding.

I would also like to commend the coaches at MyTown. I have spent the better part of 40+ years in sports and gyms and have seen all sorts of coaches. There are lots of boneheaded coaches whose coaching philosophy is to scream and yell. The coaches at MyTown are supportive and encouraging. They expect the athletes to push themselves. We are in the Box for ourselves but there is always the sense that we don’t want to disappoint the coaches. This is as it should be.

Sorry for the longwinded note. Again, the purpose is to show appreciation to you and MyTown. I feel I am a pretty good judge of character and wanted to share with you that I judge MyTown as a class act. You run a company with integrity which is a reflection on its owners and coaches.

Rich C.