Nutrition….Let’s Taco ‘Bout It!!

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The most important building block of fitness is NUTRITION! Athletes often get caught up in the sexy allure of CrossFit sport and sweet skills, forgetting about nutrition as the foundation of the fitness pyramid.

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When you head into the gym and see incredible athletes, you may think to yourself, “They are so genetically gifted” or “I bet they work out 23 hours a day. I have a real job!” What you are forgetting is that their incredibleness is not solely earned in the gym. It is also the result of hard work in the kitchen!

Don’t get me wrong, these athletes are gifted. I think I can say for the majority of us, we all want to be like Katie Klugsdottir. We get to see her three times a week at My Town, showing off her incredible work capacity and sweet skills that we can only dream of doing. What we don’t get to see is her discipline with nutrition and the choices she makes to fuel herself for success.

Some of us are lucky enough to get into the gym three to five times a week. That’s great! Unfortunately, the rest of the time we are left in this jungle of a gluten-free, no sugar added, low-carb world to sort through.

Are you struggling? Here are some suggestions.

When you began your journey at My Town, you should have received a journal that includes the basics of nutrition and how to get started. Read it! There are also TONS of resources on the My Town Member page and the My Town Blog. If you are frustrated with the foundation of fitness (nutrition), start talking about it at the gym. All of your gym buddies have ideas and questions too.

Still lost? Set up a time to meet with a coach for any extra help!

-Coach Molly


Here are some good resources to start with:

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