Movement of the Month: Pistol Squats

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That’s so easy I could do it on one foot!

You’ve said it before, you know you have.  Now you get to put your money where your mouth is.  This month we’re tackling “Pistols” or pistol squats, or one legged squats, shoot the duck, etc, etc.  Usually things with tons of nicknames are that way because they are beloved.  Not sure if that fits here, although I do love the pistol…

Why you ask?

One movement that develops balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, basically everything awesome about a squat x10 + 2.

If you’re lacking in any of these areas, the pistol will expose it and fast.

We will be working with you to improve this movement, and with it, your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, so get excited, this will be a good one!  Just like always, we’ll start off with a little challenge to restest against at the end of the month….check out the video for details:

As always, we’re trying to improve comfort and quality with this movement.  Take the next 30 days to improve…

Good luck!!!!



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