Movement of the Month: Overhead Squats

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Don’t freak out!  If this movement is not your friend, we WILL change that over the next 30 days.

So, why should you LOVE the OH Squat?

  • It’s the athletic expression of a squat:  Any meat head can pile weights on their back and sit down and stand up, but in order to do that while holding a bar overhead you need to not only be strong, but have the balance, coordination, flexibility not to mention the core and shoulder stability required.
  • It literally works your entire body:  Legs? yep! Upper body? yep! “Core”? you’re goddamn right!  Few movements have the same potency for physical and athletic development.
  • Improvement in these will improve almost everything else:  Improves hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, and spine flexibility and stability all while  improving back, core, leg, and shoulder strength.  Squats, cleans, jerks, snatches and presses will all be improved.
  • They’re fun:  You may not believe that now, but once you’re comfortable with these they’re actually an exciting challenge.


Now usually I like to do my own little video demo, but this one is too good to even try to compete, so here’s a video demo with the finer points of a good Overhead Squat featuring James Hobart, one of the top coaches, frequent games competitor, and CrossFit OG extraordinaire.

This months test/retest

We’re going to keep it relatively simple, so you don’t have to think too much.  We’re going to do a 2 Minute Max Overhead Squat test.  You’ll choose from 1 of the following weights in lbs:  135, 95, 65, 45, 33, or a PVC pipe.

The goal is as many QUALITY reps as you can get in 2 minutes.  I recommend choosing a weight that challenges you, but won’t effect the quality of your reps.  If you can “do the weight”, but you can’t maintain good positions, pull it back to a lighter option.

In addition, the goal is to improve your overhead squat, not have this be a test of your cardiovascular capacity, so I would highly recommend not going super light (technique dependent).

So there it is, this months movement of the month!


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