Movement of the Month: Handstand Push Up (HSPU)

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Love them or hate them, there’s no denying the strength, balance, and coordination that a handstand push up (HSPU) requires.  In the family of our gymnastics pressing this is one of the more challenging feats for most of us mere mortals.

Developing them first starts with the development of a good push up, which in and of itself is a challenging task.  This month we are going to focus on the strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination of this movement.

If properly developed, this is an amazing tool to have in your training arsenal as it can be performed nearly anywhere, requires no equipment and it’s difficulty can be increased almost infinitely.

Greg Glassman, in his article “The Push-Up” ( Describes handstand push-ups:

…a challenging exercise that, when freed from the wall, becomes an extraordinary feat of strength and balance that has no peer in weightlifting movements. At the moment of performing twenty handstand push-ups without benefit of the wall, the athlete has achieved a level of strength and balance that not one in a hundred thousand gym goers will ever realize.

Below is a video with some tips and demos, as well as how we’re going to judge our progress this month

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