Movement of the Month: Double Unders

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This month we’re finally tackling something that has driven many of us crazy.  The “Double Under”.  We’ve all done, tried, or seen a single skip where the rope passes around once every time you jump, but the double under one ups that with the rope passing around you twice for every jump.

The double under isn’t just a gimmicky attempt to make your life harder.  These are a great for developing and improving speed, agility, coordination, and balance in addition to being a great endurance and stamina tool.

The tricky party is, practicing them can be painful and defeating.  Very similar to many of our gymnastics movements,IMG_9190 b&w it’s a lot of repeated failures before any success.  Don’t fret, we’re going to make this month as defeating for those good at double undersjohn0DU as it is for those of us that haven’t quite mastered these.

For the month of January we’re going to get better at these.  EVERYDAY.  We’ll start out the month with a quick 2 minute test as we usually do.  This time around, their won’t be any options for scaling down.  The minimum work requirement are double unders.  If you’re feeling pretty comfortable with double unders, 120+ in a 2 minute test, then you’re challenge this month will consist of triple unders.  YES, it doesn’t end with doubles, hell it doesn’t even end with triples, but let’s take this one step at at time.

One major thing to help, stop getting really at doing these poorly.  Take this month and practice not just doing them, but doing them well.

Here’s some great tips from the experts at jump n rope:

Triples unders?  Same things, just jump higher, spin the rope faster.

Don’t have a rope?  Seriously?!  Get one ASAP:

Good luck, and get better everyday!

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