Meet Erin Oswell: I Can Literally Do Anything I Want!

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Erin Oswell, you’ve probably met her, always happy, always smiling and ALWAYS working hard. Erin has been a member at CrossFit My Town for over a year and has fallen in love with CrossFit. Like many of us, Erin struggled to find a program that actually worked, but what she found with CrossFit was much more than she expected. Here is her story…

Why did you decide to try CrossFit?
Honestly, I didn’t even realize I was signing up for CrossFit at first….I saw the 6 week “New You Challenge” video on Facebook, and I was intrigued.   I was struggling to find a fitness program that would keep me interested and motivated.  I had never done anything like CrossFit before, so I thought, “why not?”  After meeting Michelle and touring the gym, I decided to take the plunge….Not really knowing what I was getting into, but also excited to try something completely new that would hopefully help me reach a few short-term goals before a beach vacation to Mexico.
 What were your initial thoughts after your first class?
I had several feelings after the first bootcamp class.  The first was that the other classmates and the coaches were AWESOME…They made me feel very comfortable and welcome, and they eased the shame that I could barely do one air squat (let alone 40), and that I had literally never been on a rowing machine in my life.  I also remember Coach Katie’s comment about why she liked CrossFit, and it really resonated with me:   “Put down the phone, turn the brain off, and let someone else drive for an hour.”  I had always struggled with motivating myself to do workouts – CrossFit easily solved that dilemma by taking the reins and eliminating my biggest hurdle.   Last, I loved the fact that the class was about much more than just doing a high intensity workout and shedding a few pounds.   We spent time getting to know our fellow classmates (and supporting them as they worked towards reaching their individual goals), learning about nutrition/mobility/healthy habits, and holding one another accountable for showing up and working hard at every class.
What are you most proud of since starting CrossFit?
Oh gosh….too many things to list!   In bootcamp, I was most proud about running.  I am NOT a runner, and had never ran more than a mile in my life (and that was back in High School).  I thought there wouldn’t be much distance running in the program….So the day we had to do four 400m runs (as part of a WOD), I was scared to death, and mentally trying to prepare myself for failing before I even began.  But then the coaches and my classmates kept cheering me on and convinced me to just try….and though it wasn’t fast or pretty, I ran all four runs without walking (and lived to tell about it).  Afterwards, I was on top of the world for the next week.  That was the day I was officially “hooked” and knew I was going to stick with CrossFit well after bootcamp ended.  (I also ran my very first 5K this past July….all thanks to CrossFit getting me over my running phobia!)
Have you noticed any changes in your life since starting CrossFit?
Again…too many to list!   But the biggest change has been learning that if I put mind to something, I can literally do anything I want.  Not just at the gym – but anything in life.  With the right support system and people, and enough confidence and determination, I learned that we can all achieve our dreams if we want to badly enough.  I love the fact that I have gotten to witness this time and time again as my fellow CrossFitters take on new and challenging obstacles – it inspires me every day to see them tackle their goals and succeed.  The other major change was making myself stronger, both physically and mentally.  I can’t tell you how many times at work or in stressful situations that I’ve thought “there’s no way I can do this”.  Then I think back to how I survived Murph or the Filthy Fifty in my first few months at the gym….and that the hardest part about those workouts was the mental aspect and believing I could finish them.  I am so grateful that CrossFit has taught me how to get past the mental roadblocks!!
What advice would you give to someone who is just starting CrossFit?
The best advice I could give is what was given to me when I started:   “Just show up, turn your brain off, and have a positive attitude”.  The rest will take care of itself!  Trust me….it worked for me and so many of my classmates….thank you again My Town for helping all of us live our best lives!
 Thank you for letting us be apart of your journey, Erin!

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