How to Survive Thanksgiving

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Many of you on your fitness journey are constantly trying to find what nutrition + exercise works best for your fitness goals. Whether you’ve found what works best for you, or you’re still trying to figure it out, there is nothing more discouraging than sweeping away all of the progress you’ve made in just a few short days around the holidays. BUT FEAR NOT! We are here with some tips to help you keep your nutrition + exercise in check during your Thanksgiving feast(s).

Gym closed? No problem!

Start your day off with just 10 minutes of exercise. We promise, this will set up the rest of your day on the right foot. Check out our road WODs for some good ideas, or hey, try 10 minutes of burpees and see what happens!

Stay Hydrated

Remember to drink water! Don’t feel guilty when you indulge in some alcoholic beverages – it’s the holidays, you deserve it, however, try to balance out the beverages: 1 glass of wine, then 1 glass of water.


No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, the feast typically looks like one HUGE turkey surrounded by handfuls of what we like to call ‘filler’ foods. They aren’t really foods, they are just bowls filled with delicious junk and sugar, followed by a large piece(s) of pie. Don’t just fill your plate with the filler foods, grab some protein too.

It’s all about balance

This is not going to be the last feast of your life (we hope), so don’t act like it. You do not have to eat the ENTIRE pie. On the other hand, you need to enjoy that piece of pie and not feel guilty. Nutrition is all about balance. the 90/10 rule is a good one to go by: have good nutrition 90 percent of the time while you give yourself 10 percent to splurge and enjoy.

Get Rest

Getting rest might be a laughable task if you are in charge of hosting the Thanksgiving festivities OR if you intend on #BlackFriday shopping, but it is NECESSARY. Plan ahead so you can get a full nights rest. Sometimes when you are exhausted that is the first step down the slippery slope of trying to stay on point with your nutrition.

Have Fun & Enjoy

Always remember to do the best you can, every day is a new day and to not feel guilty for splurging on that piece of pie. This journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Try and challenge yourself, but don’t get so fixated on what you eat that it blocks you from making memories with your loved ones, because at the end of the day, those memories are what life is all about.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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