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Making time to workout can almost seem impossible sometimes.  With work, school, kids, sports, friends, family, the house, the car, the millions of other things that need your attention.  Whether you go to the gym, yoga studio, workout at home, run, or whatever, the toughest thing to tackle seems to be time.  

If you struggle getting in a workout regularly here’s a few things that you MUST start doing.

Schedule it.  Put it in your schedule, whether it’s on your phone, on the family calendar, or whatever, put in on your schedule.  If you’re going to a class, sign up.  At least a week in advance.  This adds an additional level of accountability, because believe me, when you sign up and don’t show up, or regularly sign up then unsign up, we notice.  

Treat it like a meeting with your boss.  Once you have the time scheduled, treat it like a meeting with your boss, or like your kids practice or game.  You wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss because you’re tired, or hungry, or just not motivated (let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be).  You wouldn’t miss little Suzies gymnastics.  You may miss it if you’re kids are throwing up, or car breaks down, and I’m sure your boss, or Suzie, would understand.  

Stop talking about your crazy unpredictable schedule.  No one’s schedule is that crazy and that unpredictable.  You couldn’t live that way.  So be real with yourself.  It doesn’t matter what time you’re supposed to get off work, if more often than not you work late, then that’s your “regular schedule”.  Just because you’re supposed to get off work at 4.  If most days you end up having to stay until 6, I hate to break it to you, but you get off at 6, not at 4, even if that’s what time you’re supposed to get off.

Kids schedules are tough, I get that, but I also know their schedules aren’t usually just plopped on you that day.  At the very least, most normal weeks, you’ll know when their gymnastics or hockey or tennis practice is for the week.

Take a look at your schedule, find the tendencies and be real with yourself.  Stop trying to “thread the needle” week in and week out.  If you have to say to yourself, if everything goes well, and traffic is light, and I get lucky with a few lights, I should be able to make it.  Because more often than not, things won’t go well, or traffic won’t be light, or you won’t get lucky with those lights.  

It’s not always going to be ideal.  In fact, most of the time they’re not.  Most of us aren’t getting paid to workout, so it doesn’t get our “prime time” slots.  It is an add on for most of us.  Something extra we choose to do for our physical and mental health.  Which means it may have to get squeezed into less than ideal times.  But if you value your health, you have to make it work.

DON’T PUT IT LAST.  A sure way to never have time, is to plan out your day/week and leave your workout as a floater.  You know, “I’m going to do this, this and this, and IF there’s time, I’ll workout.”  Guess what, there won’t be time.  

Finally, workout first thing in the morning.  I know, I know, you’re not a morning person, you need your sleep, it’s cold, and dark, and you already have your morning routine.

I used to tell myself that, but when I was forced to workout in the morning because of my “crazy schedule” I fell in love with it.  For starters, it takes the pressure off.  I checked off a big thing to start my day.  Second, it woke me up.  I may have been half asleep during my workout, but I was full of piss and vinegar the rest of the day, and with my evening free, I could work late and still get home early and relax.

Can you get to bed an hour earlier?  No?! Liar.  You know you can.  

You may have the best intentions, but when you leave it until the last thing of the day, you leave it completely up to chance.  The entire day is going to be filled with energy sucking situations.  Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring to keep you from working out.  And it just might be.  Take that control back, and get your ass out of bed.   

Just do it

I challenge you, take 10 minutes to look at your schedule each week.  Schedule 4-5 times to workout.  Actually PUT IT ON THE SCHEDULE.  Treat it like an important appointment.  If you forgot your kids practice, you’d feel like a jerk, treat it like that.  Be real with yourself about your schedule.  Stop clinging to what it’s supposed to be, and take it for what it is.  Make it a priority, and if all else fails, get your butt out of bed.  

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