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Why CrossFit?

CrossFit My Town

We have found the best results for those that want it all is obtained through the practice of CrossFit.  It is the primary tool we use to achieve the best fitness results across all physical skills without having to sacrifice one for another.  CrossFit allows us to gain strength, speed, agility, coordination, endurance, power, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, and balance through one program.  We don’t separate our work into different categories.  We use them all to create a balanced program that allows us to unveil our physical potential.

The human body was built to run, jump, throw, lift, climb, swing, and much more.  We are built to sustain physical stressors, move large loads, evade danger, and run down opportunities.
The world today allows to not utilize these abilities on a regular basis, so when we are called into action, be it picking up a cooler, or bracing ourselves from a fall, we are far too often unprepared for these events.  We are more susceptible to injury, less apt to be able to do what we want, and are bodies are showing it.

The alternative programs haven’t sufficiently addressed all of these needs to our desired levels and that is why we use CrossFit.  It makes us not only fit but able.  It does this in the most efficient, measurable, and rewarding way.

What Is CrossFit?

The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. We have sought to build a program that will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable. After looking at all sport and physical tasks collectively, we asked what physical skills and adaptations would most universally lend themselves to performance advantage. Capacity culled from the intersection of all sports demands would quite logically lend itself well to all sport. In sum, our specialty is not specializing.

CrossFit is many things. Primarily, it’s a fitness regimen developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades. He was the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way (increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains). CrossFit itself is defined as that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity). CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.   – via


Our memberships are month to month. We don't do contracts.


  • 8 CrossFit Classes a Month
  • Workout Tracking Program
  • Workout Tracking App


Per Month


  • 12 CrossFit Classes a Month (can be used for Open Gym)
  • Workout Tracking Program
  • Workout Tracking App


Per Month


  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes
  • Workout Tracking Program
  • Workout Tracking App
  • Open Gym


Per Month

On Ramp

  • Five 1:1 sessions to prepare you for our CrossFit program.
  • All people new to the program must complete On Ramp
  • These sessions are scheduled around your availability


Schedule Your No Sweat Intro Schedule