Friday Night Lights – Week 1 Recap

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My Town Fitness was a mix of excitement and nerves this past Friday night as we celebrated the kick off of the 2017 CrossFit Open with our first annual Friday Night Lights. The CrossFit Open is a five week, five workout competition with participants all around the world. Top athletes from the Open will move on to Regionals, then the CrossFit Games with the ultimate goal of being crowned the Fittest on Earth. 

But let’s get real. For us at My Town, it’s a chance to workout, drink some beer/wine, eat some food, and raise a whole bunch of money for a really great cause. As Coach John put it, FNL is basically Beer League CrossFit. And I think we can all agree Week 1 was a whole lot of fun. Let’s review the highlights!


Announced Thursday night, 17.1 was a couplet of dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump-overs in an ascending rep scheme. That meant that the longer you worked the harder the workout got. And it was long! The majority of people worked for a solid 20 minutes before collapsing on the floor, gasping for air. Jay Johnson put it best, saying the workout made him feel like he was being suffocated. No doubt it was a test of our cardio-respiratory endurance.

But what stood out to most was the tenacity and determination that was shown by so many. 

Pat France started CrossFit a year ago. She couldn’t do a burpee. Friday night Pat knocked out 56 burpees, in addition to the 20″ box step-overs and dumbbell snatches that her masters workout required.


Rose Miller and Tracey Wehrs both completed their Masters workouts as prescribed and under the time cap, proving age won’t hold them back. 


At the other end of the spectrum, teen athlete Isabelle Cousineau chose to spend her Friday night giving 17.1 her all, and her mom and dad were proud as could be to be there cheering her on!


That 20″ box that has stood in the way of so many was conquered on Friday. Molly Hang, Lisa Kretz, and Tracy Boarder made that first jump and never looked back.


Joslyn Sween, Sarah Buzzell, and Nicole Barrett…3 ladies fresh from Bootcamp with only 6 weeks of CrossFit experience under their belts, showed up to compete for their teams and posted some of the best scores of the night!

IMG_5948 bw

The final heat of the night gave us a battle of two of the best. Coach Adam and Colin Sweeney battled 17.1 side by side and the rest of us got a great show.

 IMG_5805 bw

IMG_5806 bw

After all, the Open (like My Town) is about more than fitness. It’s about pushing yourself to do something new, or something you thought you weren’t capable of. It’s about cheering on your family and friends until your voice is gone. It’s about having a blast! And luckily we have 4 weeks of fun left.

So while the thought of 17.2 may already be filling us with anxiety, it also fills us with excitement. These 5 weeks show us what we are capable of and each week a few will surprise themselves by accomplishing something they thought impossible. And the rest of us will get to watch!!

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