17.4 – Are you Fitter than Last Year?

Posted Katie Klug Friday Night Lights, the Open

Week 4 of the CrossFit Open was the repeat everyone was waiting for. Dave Castro announced Thursday night that 17.4 would be a repeat of 16.4 from last year. That meant that athletes would see how far they could get in 13 minutes, beginning with 55 deadlifts, moving on to 55 wall balls, then 55 calories on the rower, and finally 55 handstand pushups. 

More importantly, Week 4 was Coach Lizzy’s FNL DJing debut, and she didn’t disappoint!


But back to business! A redo meant Week 4 was going to answer one very important question…”Are you fitter than you were last year?”

And while not everyone had tested this workout last year, the general consensus was YES!

Jenny Ness scaled this workout last year because the deadlifts were too heavy for her. This year Jenny faced those 155 pound deadlifts head on, getting all the way through the deadlifts and into 17 wallballs!


Rich Cole added 37 reps to his score from last year!


Kate Cavanaugh flew through the deadlifts this year, then the wallballs and onto the rower. She added 49 reps to her 16.4 score!


Merryssa Tiedeman got to the wall for some HSPU this year, adding 3 reps to her score.


Nich Cook got to the rower and flew. Nobody can row like Nich can!!


Newcomer Connie Grant impressed us all by flying through the first 3 movements and trying out those HSPU!


Dan Wehrs and John O’Brien both made it to the wall with time to spare. What a great effort from both of them!



Tracy Boarder flew through the workout this year with the encouragement from her hubby by her side. What a rock star!


Coach Molly impressed us all. She took on this workout on Friday pregnant, just as she had last year! At 10 weeks along this time, she scored 17 HSPU!


With one week left to see what Dave Castro throws at us, the race between teams remains close! Will Friday be the day that Borderline Insanity gets knocked off the top of the leaderboard? Or will they stay strong and take home the golden plate? You better show up to find out!

Don’t forget to bring your cash! We have saved some of the best raffle prizes for Friday! All proceeds will be donated to the local non-profit Pets Loyal to Vets!

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