How To Find The Time

Posted J. Miller III lifestyle

Making time to workout can almost seem impossible sometimes.  With work, school, kids, sports, friends, family, the house, the car, the millions of other things that need your attention.  Whether you go to the gym, yoga studio, workout at home, run, or whatever, the toughest thing to tackle seems to be time.   If you […]

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If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Working Out Too Much

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The importance of nutrition, as in what you eat, to your health and fitness isn’t big.  It isn’t more than you think.  It isn’t significant.  Those words aren’t nearly strong enough.  It is the number one priority.  It is the biggest contributor.  No matter what your goal.  You want to lose fat?  Food first.  You […]

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Top 5 Rest Day Activities

Posted Katie Klug lifestyle

We can all agree that working hard in the gym is both important and rewarding. But between other commitments (kids, work, family) and our body’s need for rest, every day can’t be a gym day. But remember, skipping the gym doesn’t need to mean sitting on the couch. Here are the top 5 rest day activities, according […]

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