So Many Weaknesses, So Little Time

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It’s easy to step into the gym and be overwhelmed with the endless options for challenging our bodies. For CrossFitters it generally comes in the form of endless movements to master.  Weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio disciplines.  Clean, snatch, deadlift, squat, pull up, muscle up, push up, handstand push up, rowing, running, double unders, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, […]

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Muscle Up Musts

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In 2002, CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman described the muscle up as “astonishingly difficult to perform, unrivaled in building upper-body strength, a critical survival skill, and most amazingly of all, virtually unknown.” (The Muscle Up)  In the last 15 years the only change to that statement would be the “virtually unknown” part.  Although still astonishingly difficult, […]

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Kipping Pull Up – Legit Movement or Seizure?

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The kipping pull up is extremely controversial and it’s very understandable why.  When executed well it’s an impressive athletic movement which requires power, coordination, and timing.  When executed poorly it looks, well a little spastic.   Much like the olympic lifts it’s a very precise movement that requires you to achieve specific body positions in […]

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Why Not?

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One of my favorite lines I hear from CrossFitters is “well I’m not training for the games or anything like that”.  I hate it because I can’t really tell if they’re bragging, like “I’m this good, and I’m not even training for the games”.  Or they’re trying be high school cool, like they don’t want […]

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If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Working Out Too Much

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The importance of nutrition, as in what you eat, to your health and fitness isn’t big.  It isn’t more than you think.  It isn’t significant.  Those words aren’t nearly strong enough.  It is the number one priority.  It is the biggest contributor.  No matter what your goal.  You want to lose fat?  Food first.  You […]

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