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As a CrossFit coach, it happens to me almost daily. The workout finishes and the sweaty and exhausted athletes come to the whiteboard to give me their scores. Amongst the scattering of numbers I hear, “I did 5 rounds but I didn’t Rx it.” In the moment, there’s usually not time to address the comment in detail. So bear with me, here I go.

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. No where in that definition is the phrase “Rx” mentioned. Nope, just constantly varied, functional, and high intensity. If you work out at a CrossFit gym, chances are someone does your programming. That takes care of the constantly varied and functional.

That leaves us with high intensity and that’s where you come in.

First off, what is high intensity? Well intense is defined as “of extreme force, degree or strength,” but let’s put it into more CrossFit terms. High intensity means going to that place where you are uncomfortable. More simply put, it means doing more work faster.

Intensity = results. Results are why were are all at the gym, so intensity matters.

Still no mention of Rx. So what is Rx? Rx is a weight to shoot for if you can do it safely. It’s a high level gymnastics skill that will challenge the best CrossFitters. It’s a really high box jump. Rx is something we should all be working toward! But it doesn’t define us. Intensity does.

So the next time you give me your score, you don’t need to downplay your effort by telling me you didn’t Rx it. You didn’t put in any less effort than the beast next to you that got an Rx. I’m proud of you for coming, for busting your ass, for high-fiving your workout buddies. That’s CrossFit.

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