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Every 60 days or so at My Town we do what we call “benchmark week”. A full week where we will test our fitness. I get really excited about this because it’s as much of a test for you as it is a test of our coaches and programming efficacy.

If you’re doing your job (you know showing up and working hard) and we’re doing our job we will see progress in our benchmark workouts. And everyone will be getting FITTER (which is, I hope, a big part of why we all meet here a few times a week and torture ourselves). Welp, next week is Benchmark Week! YAY!


Sean loves Nancy (Don’t worry Lisa, you’ll learn to love Nancy Too!)

So it’s time to answer the question:

Are you fit?

This is a tough question, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably never exactly where you want to be. There’s always room for improvement.

Then there’s the whole defining “fit” concept. In CrossFit, we define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. But what does that mean?

Work capacity is the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force x distance / time (which is average power). Fitness is this ability in as many domains as possible. Still a little lost?

Broad Time and Modal Domains

Time domains is pretty simple. Just the length of effort. Fran (2-7 minutes) vs Murph (20-60+ minutes) lets say. Both are very challenging even to the fittest, but are two very different time domains.

Modal domains is where most of us get a little confused. This is the variety of the work being done.   We’ll use our Fran vs Murph Example again. In Fran we have some medium rep/low weight weightlifting and gymnastics (thrusters and pull ups), in Murph we have cardio and high rep gymnastics (running, push ups, pull ups, air squats).

So are you fit?

Are you increasing your work capacity across broad time and modal domains?

CrossFit is an evideIMG_7985nce based fitness regimen. We want to be able to measure our fitness.  For us, we utilize “benchmark workouts” or “the girls” to measure our progress. Weight loss, body fat, “feeling good” are all great measurements, but they don’t really tell us if we are fitter or If we’re more capable.

The nice thing is, if we are eating a healthy diet, and getting fitter, the measurements, body weight, body fat, and any other physical metrics will all fall into place. It’s hard to be fit and not look fit (again, assuming we are eating a healthy diet).  Being fit means we can do stuff, and the fitter we are, the more stuff we can do 🙂

Who Are These Girls?

Oh you’ve never heard the names Fran, Nancy, Cindy, Grace, or Karen thrown around at the box? How about Jackie, Elizabeth or Diane? Well these are the workouts we use to continually test and retest our fitness to make sure we are in fact getting fitter.

They are not an all inclusive test obviously, because there are infinite time and modal domains, but they cover a broad spectrum of physical skills and time domains. You can check out a full list here….27_04_new_girls-1

What’s Your “Fran” Time?


Not tech savvy? Paper and pen work just fine

If you’re not journaling at the very least “the girls”, this won’t be as useful or as fun of tests for you. If you haven’t heard, we use a workout tracking software called Beyond The Whiteboard, it has a handy dandy app you can put on your phone, or just use paper and pen, a diary, whatever. Just make sure you’re holding yourself and the coaches at My Town accountable for you getting fitter!

If you’re not using beyond the whiteboard, get signed up here:

Good luck next week!

And if you haven’t started tracking your WODs, next week would be the perfect time to start…

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