Preparation For Better Things To Come

My Town Fitness was founded on the idea that being healthy and fit isn’t just about your weight, or going to the gym everyday, or running or biking endless miles.  To us being healthy means independence and freedom.  It means being able to play with our kids for hours, help our neighbors with landscaping projects, put in a dock at the cabin, play hockey, basketball, soccer, go rock climbing, hiking or whatever else we want to do.  Put simply, we want everybody to be useful in as many ways as possible.

This is what “functional fitness” is.  It’s not about looking a certain way, being able to run a certain distance, or how much you can lift.  It’s a feeling.  It’s an ability to do; to do as much as you want and feel good.  Being healthy is more than just not  being sick, it is about being able.

Join us for a preparation of better things to come….

Our Philosophy

We utilize weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics elements in a constantly varied assortment to reproduce real world physical demands.  We balance our program to improve not just strength and endurance, but flexibility, power, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, stamina, and speed.

The old metrics of running farther, lifting more, getting bigger, or getting smaller just don’t get us these results.  Worse, the better you get, the more time you need to dedicate.  We instead raise the intensity level as we improve.  Instead of working longer, we work faster.  Instead of running further, we run faster.  As we get better and faster, we then make the tasks more challenging.  We’ve found this not only gets us the health and fitness outcome we want, it gets us the physique we want.  Not only can you start to do amazing things, but you start to look like someone that can do amazing things.


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