5 Tips to keep your Nutrition in Check

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As we all know, the foundation to our overall wellness and health is nutrition. Nutrition also tends to be one of the hardest things to practice and stay on track with. For those of you who tend to “fall off the wagon” every weekend, here are some tips to get back on track to feeling great.


  1. Food Prep Sunday’s!

One of the most helpful things I have learned in staying my healthiest is preparation. Food preparation is easy to do, and saves you TONS of time on the weekdays. I recommend choosing a couple meals for the week, and breaking them into portions to fit your macros. Check out some recipes on www.paleonick.com or www.marksdailyapple.com. Additionally, My Town Fitness has a group that allows you to share recipes. If you would like to be added, shoot me an email or message. (Molly@mytownfitness.com). It is also a great way to reminisce with your family about what fun things you did that weekend!


Yes that’s your favorite coaches Molly and Michelle getting their chef on at the Paleo Nick cooking class!


  1. Exercise!

Exercise is a very good indicator of how you have fueled your body the last few days.   When you do a workout poorly, or lag throughout the day, exercising is a good way to encourage yourself back onto the wagon of clean eating. When you fuel better, you perform better!


  1. Partner Up!

Time and time again we forget how powerful having a partner to keep you on track is. Find someone that has similar nutrition tendencies (i.e. Eats 90/10, has similar weakness, etc.). Make sure that you are talking to your food partner weekly and exchanging ideas, recipes, and struggles.  Team Work makes the dream work 🙂  Don’t forget to use our Facebook group for recipes, struggles, articles, etc: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139289399567730/


  1. One Bad Meal does not = Binge Night/Weekend

One bad meal does not mean you need to totally fly off the handle and eat poorly the rest of the day (or even weekend, I have been there). If you eat a cheat meal, it is best to remind yourself that your body NEEDS the next meal to be a good one. As my mentor always says “You are always one meal away from a good meal”….. Food is fuel, and nothing more.  After your cheat meal, make sure your next one is a good one.  No matter what, you’re one meal away from being back on track.


  1. Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping is the funnel to allowing you to prepare food, and also deters you from fast food restaurants. Make sure you are stocked with yummy high fiber fruits, veggies, and meats so it is easy to whip up something. Lastly, don’t forget to grab healthy whole foods snacks to grab while you are on the go. Make sure to include protein with every snack!


Nutrition and food can be frustrating, but keep working at it, and have some fun!

You’re only as good as your next and last meal!



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