3 Simple Rules To Start Eating Better

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Starting is hard, and I understand that.  So, I’m going to give you my 3 rules to get started.  They say when trying to figure out where to eat with a group of people it’s better to start with the question “What don’t you want to eat?” then “what do you want to eat?”  Because most people are quicker with an answer/decision on the first question, and you can eliminate a lot, right away.  There’s a lot of research to back up this decision making sequence.  One of the positives is frequently too many options can lead to making the easiest, which is usually the worst, decision.

So here’s your 3 “what don’t you want to eats?” to get you started on your way to eating healthier:

Kick the filler mindless bullshit foodpringles-1024x768

you eat massive amounts of without thinking.  These include soda and energy drinks, cereal and salty snacks (i.e. chips, crackers, pretzels *nuts are ok).  Don’t touch them.  They offer nothing of any nutritional value to you and you don’t like them as much as you think.  You need an energy boost from a Mountain Dew or Rockstar?  It’s in your head.  It might give you a 5 minute kick, after that it’s all you.  These things are filler, but they never fill you up.  They are addicting, so you never have just some.  I mean Pringles whole motto is “once you pop you can’t stop”.  They’re throwing that right in your face.  And they’re right.  Don’t start.  

Never eat anything from a gas stationCStore_Web

or convenience store.  EVER.  Even if you think it’s healthy.  Even if you KNOW it’s healthy (because I can promise you it’s not).  If your options are starve or eat at a gas station, you have one option, and that’s starve.  Gas stations are a junk gold mine.  They have nothing of value.  And aside from water and black coffee, this includes drinks.  Gas stations are the biggest traps for derailing your health.  Avoid at ALL costs.

Don’t eat cookies aloneUntitled design (2)

or any baked treats for that matter.  I know, this seems like a weird one, but trust me this is a great starting spot.  Cookies alone is sad, and you really should be enjoying them with others.  If you find yourself reaching for oreos or chocolate chip cookies or whatever your flavor frequently, limit yourself to baked goods only with friends and family.  If you want a cookie and you can’t find someone to enjoy the cookies with, (they must also eat the cookies while you do not just watch you) then don’t eat them.  You’re going to find that you eat much less baked goods this way (especially when you feel that guilt allowing your kids to eat 15 cookies just like you…)

Try these 3 rules for a week.  Recognize when you’re doing it.  This will hopefully also show you how often you are.  And as for the eat there or starve, you’re not going to starve.  You might be a little hungry, but that gas station had nothing that can help you.

So there you have it.  The 3 things not to do to get you started.  I know, there’s a lot more traps and nastiness out there, but make these 3 unbreakable rules, and you’re well on your way.


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