4 Reasons Why the Whiteboard Matters

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To an outsider, the whiteboard at a CrossFit gym is nothing notable. Some movements, names and numbers scribbled in messy writing. But to those that spend time inside the gym, the whiteboard is much more than that.

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Here are four things a newcomer should know about the whiteboard:

1.) It’s where you start the day. Unless you are the first first class of the day, it’s basically roll call. Who came before you, who tackled the WOD as prescribed, and who back squatted their body weight and thensome. It’s where we gather before class, talk announcements, and share our anxiety for the upcoming WOD.

2.) It sets the tone for the day. You may have seen that your friend in the morning class crushed the WOD and now you’re ready to hit it hard. Maybe you were planning to scale but you see that one of your competitors Rx’ed the workout and now you are rethinking your plan. The whiteboard invites friendly competition that can be just what we need to improve and achieve our goals.

3.) It holds you accountable. Your score will be viewed by classes to come, so you better put something up there that you are proud of. That doesn’t always mean the best score of the day! You let your score on the whiteboard leave no doubt to anyone that you busted your ass for 8 minutes straight (or however long the WOD)! 

4.) That Rx matters! Many of us remember our first Rx. Maybe it was the first time you did unbanded pull-ups in a WOD. Your time may of been the slowest of the day, but the Rx stood for something. It was proof of the hard work you put in day after day, and it might as well have been an Olympic medal. Those two letters may seem unimportant to an outsider, but CrossFitters of ALL levels understand and value them.

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Whatever your current level or goals may be, let the whiteboard help you on your journey. Embrace the friendly competition it encourages, get to know your peers, and have some fun!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford

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