Top 5 Rest Day Activities

Posted Katie Klug lifestyle

We can all agree that working hard in the gym is both important and rewarding. But between other commitments (kids, work, family) and our body’s need for rest, every day can’t be a gym day. But remember, skipping the gym doesn’t need to mean sitting on the couch. Here are the top 5 rest day activities, according […]

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Reach for the RIGHT snacks!

Posted Katie Klug Nutrition

Eating when you’re hungry is important, and sometimes that means eating between meals. Prep these 3 Go-To-Snacks at the start of the week so you’re not grabbing crackers, chips, cookies, or ice cream to satisfy hunger! 1) Handful of strawberries dipped in your favorite nut butter (almond and cashew are delicious). A tablespoon or so […]

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But Weight!!

Posted Katie Klug Fitness, Strength

When we think about a workout, many words come to mind. Tired, sweaty, breathing heavy, results, when will this end??? So many of us are surprised, and maybe a tad bit disappointed then, to show up to a “workout” and see a strength day programmed. Something along the lines of 5×5 back squats or 5×3 […]

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